Grooming Explained to Parents in English



Online grooming

Grooming is a process used by offenders and predators

to prepare vulnerable young people and children for:

Sexual abuse

Criminal activity

Violent and nonviolent extremism

It’s a process, not a one-off event or act.

It starts with befriending online on social media.

Groomers use social media messaging, images and video…

Such as, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat.

Groomers befriend and create a bond with a vulnerable person.

  • The young person may be afraid to speak to an adult about what is happening.
  • Parents should always be vigilant .
  • Ask your child what they are doing online.
  • Tell them about stranger danger and make sure you know who they are chatting to.
  • Tell your children not to share personal information. They don’t know who they really, they are talking to.
  • Let them know you are always there to support them.

You can speak to:

  • or school/college safeguarding lead.
  1. If your child is about to meet up with an offender!
  2. Call 999 or the police immediately!



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