What is Radicalisation and Extremism? In English



What are radicalisation and extremism?

Radicalisation and extremism is when someone:

  • believes and supports extremist and violent views
  • carries out acts of violence against others for political reasons.
  • Someone can be influenced, groomed or pressured by extremists to carry out an act of violence against people, places or organisations

Extremists find a vulnerable person and seek to change their behaviour and beliefs.

The vulnerable person can be groomed or influenced online by political violent extremist using social media

A vulnerable person can be radicalised if they feel:

  • Isolated, lonely and wanting to belong
  • ashamed or judged about their culture, gender, religion or race
  • stressed or depressed
  • fed up of being bullied by other people
  • angry at other people, society or the government
  • They believe they are supporting people who are being oppressed
  • They believe sexual, religious or racial violence is acceptable

Extreme views can lead to harmful and illegal acts such as violence, attacks, discrimination or hate

If you’re worried about your child or someone you know, talk to someone in confidence

  • Ask an adult for help
  • Talk to a counsellor in confidence
  • Or write to SAM at Childline

You can speak to:

  • www.ceop.police.uk
  • www.childnet.com
  • www.nspcc.org.uk
  • www.barnardos.org.uk
  • Your child’s school, college or a safeguarding lead.



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