Get Internet Safety & Digital Media Training for Ladies


Cyber-Safe Zone, Alhambra Women’s & Asian Mum’s Network have just launched a campaign to teach Ladies, mums and grandmothers digital media skills and internet safety training!

1. Do you worry about what your children do online?

2. What social media do you use and would you like to learn more handy tips?

    • Why does my child know more about technology than me?
    • What do you know about gaming and is it safe?
    • What do PEGI ratings mean? 
    • What exactly are Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube and why are our children on them so much?
    • What is the dark web and why is a dangerous? 
    • How safe is my password? 
    • What is online trolling and how can I stop it?
    • How can I keep my children safe from harm on the web?
    • What exactly is a hashtag and how do they work?
    • How do I keep myself safe on social media?

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