The Dark Web – A Simple Guide for Parents


What is the Dark Web?

The internet is like an iceberg. There is the open web, the deep web and the dark web.

Open web – most people use the open web to search everyday things on Google or Yahoo

The deep web

  • The Deep Web is t is generally hidden from the public.  The Deep Web is not accessed via the usual search engines.
  • The deep web is not recorded by search engines and therefore you can’t easily find information on it but just Googling.
  • It’s full of websites and databases used by organisations such as hospitals which can only be accessed and read by authorised people.
  • Some of the Deep Web is protected using passwords as it may hold secure information such as medical records.

The dark web represents the hidden part of the iceberg.

You can also access the dark web using special software called Tor.  It can be used by:

 Journalists trying to hide their identity where a government forbids freedom of the press to carry out illegal activity online

         Journalists trying to hide their identity where a government forbids freedom of the press           to carry out illegal activity online

 Criminals carry out illegal activities online, such as:
 Selling weapons or drugs.
 Accessing child abuse images or pornography
 Promoting terrorism or
 Trafficking people or illegal goods or weapons

Using Tor ( a piece of software allowing anonymous communication) or visiting the dark web is not unlawful but if your child accessing the dark web or has downloaded Tor you need to know why.

The dark web is also used by human rights activists and not always for criminal activity.

What should I do if my child has accessed the dark web?

Your child can be at risk of exploitation and abuse by sex offenders, traffickers or terrorists if they access the dark web. Criminals use the internet to target victims. Criminals also use the open web likely to interact with victims.

• Have an honest talk
• Help them develop safer behaviours online.
• Explain you do not want your child to be exposed to illegal dangerous content.
• Use the Thinkuknow website or to explore ways to help your child stay safer online
• Some older teens might be concerned with internet privacy and security. They think the Dark Web provides more security. Explore such as the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to provide additional security to their online activities.

Always be aware of what your children are doing online.

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